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Monday, 10 September 2012

Day 5: Mont Saint-Michel

Wow ... no words to describe Mont Saint-Michel (Mount Saint Michael).  We were expecting it to be the highlight of the trip  --  it didn't disappoint.  Best to describe it using photos (but it's a pity we didn't have a helicopter for a bird's-eye view as well).

A very small number of people live on the island and are ready to fleece the visitors in their gift shops and cafes as the visitors ascend.  Also, a few monks live in the monastery again.  We saw a few nuns as well.

Our arrival ...

More than 3 million people visit each year!  We were, of course, distinguished visitors.

It was a long climb, but the effort was well rewarded.   This photo is only half way up.

Here's a juxtaposition (Daryl's word) showing the ancient (building) and the new (jet-streams above).


A little piece of paradise close to the top...

He felt like singing "Underneath the Arches," but divine guidance saved the day (and he hadn't had any alter wine yet).

Daryl standing inside a fireplace!  

Tomorrow, we're off to the Loire Valley.
See you then!  

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