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Monday, 17 September 2012

Dijon and Beaune, Burgundy.

Well, we've managed to get onto the right train to get to Dijon.  I have to say that despite our in-depth french knowledge, and the helpfulness of the French workers, the signage at the stations can be a little confusing.  For example, looking for the bag storage place we were told where to go twice (in the nicest possible way) and we saw the signs where to go as well - but it still took us half an hour.  Who was to know that you follow the signs to the toilet and that's where you will find the consignaire?

The trip itself was sooo fast - but amazingly quiet - there was no clackety clack like we have at home on the trains.

So, we've successfully met up with Stephane's parents, Jean-René and Yvonne.  What a wonderful welcome.  (Merci J-R and Y pour votre hospitalité and compagnon - nous attendon avec impatience de vous voir la prochaine)

Here we are outside the hospice in Beaune, famous for its multi-coloured tile roof, and the 500 year history of looking after people.

This is a street scene of Beaune

 This is the roof of the hospital which is now a museum dedicated to the hospital...

A recreation of the hospital scene - as it was in the 1600s

 The nuns worked tirelessly...

 The long and the short of it ...

Cutting to the mustard - we're now in Dijon

Who'd expect to see an Aussie in a hat shop in Dijon !!  Jean-René and Yvonne are having a flash back to their Aussie trip last year...

From here we're taking the fast train to Mulhouse near the Swiss border where we'll be met by Katrina and Stéphane - stand by.

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