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Tuesday, 25 September 2012


LYON  --  the gastronomic centre of France!  This common claim set up great expectations.  We really weren't there long enough to verify the claim, but we did our best to eat in as many places as we could.

We were, however, more impressed with the meals provided by Katrina in Werentzhouse and Yvonne in La Charmée.

These photos show you some of the delights we found in Lyon:

a terrine or paté

This one was a little light on the Chantilly cream,
however, Daryl managed.

And of course we needed to follow custom
and have espresso and macarons ...
(Damn it  --  Daryl ate 1 1/2 macarons
before I could click on the camera.)

The square just near our wonderful accommodation in Thérese and Olivier's B&B ...
(Another little competition for you:  Spot the Aussie flag if you can.)

Where are we again?
   -  Daryl using his boy scout skills again (a necessity, since he has little sense of direction).

... but he does have fine photographic skills if the subject matter is right.

Lyon has both the old and the new ...

The Gendarmerie?

The Rhône River

The Square at the end of the street where we stayed.

Those Romans were everywhere!  (Another amphitheatre similar to those found all across Europe.)

Daryl fell down a drain, but I managed to pull him back out.

This might not be a Monet, however the building was wrapped in a material that had been painted to show life in a previous time.

This is art of a different nature.  Despite the fact that we don't approve of most graffiti, this sample was very clever.

We didn't have nearly enough time in Lyon, but we enjoyed every minute there.  Wouldn't hesitate to go back.

Next stop  --  Geneva (from where we will fly home).

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