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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Day 6 - Latin Quarter of Paris

Who decided we should do a blog???  It's so time-consuming, and tourists don't have time for down-loading photos into a computer and then uploading them into a blog.  However, we don't want to disappoint our devoted readers.

So, Day 6 was Monday, our last full day in Paris, the city of amazing creations  --  incredible buildings and bridges, tall towers and obelisks, intriguing history and designer stubble. There were also the occasional reality checks like dog poo, beggars and pedlars.

On our last morning, we set off for the Latin Quarter on the other side of the river, aka the 'left bank'. First stop, the beautiful little garden associated with Saint Julien-le-Pauvre church.  (And you can see Notre Dame in the background.)  The garden still contains a Robinia tree that was planted in 1605!

We wandered around narrow little streets with names like "Rue de la Chat qui Pêche" (Street of the cat who fishes) and discovered clever graffiti like this 3D face:

The area is full of little cafés, book shops, clothing shops, etc  --  many catering for the students from the famous Sorbonne University.  We took a look inside the famous Shakespeare & Co. Bookshop  --  a ramshackle shop with shelves in every available space (including on the side of the stairwell).

We continued wondering aimlessly (ie. disoriented - not lost!) and found the Place Saint-Michel with the fountain by Davioud, showing St Michael killing the dragon.

We walked back 'home' through a different part of the Marais area and lo and behold  -- more Parisienne decadence!  

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