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Monday, 24 September 2012

Switzerland - Berne, Neuchâtal

We really only went to Bern (Berne) because it was on the way from Lucerne to Neuchâtel. And why Neuchâtel you may ask  --  because it was a good stopping point on our way to see Stéphane's parents near Chalon back in France.

However, Bern was a wonderful surprise.  We found it to be a beautiful city and would like to have stayed longer.

The front entrance of the Cathedral was quite different from other cathedrals we'd seen.

Inside was quite different as well, reflecting the fact that it is a Swiss Reformed Cathedral.  It was started in 1421.

 This was our view as we sat and ate lunch.

And here we are half way through lunch.
(David wants it noted that this photo should not have been published.  Daryl says, 'Too bad, so sad.')

It was a surprise to come across a bear enclosure in the middle of the city.  At least the enclosure was big and the bears seemed happy.  They even had their own private swimming pool!

One of the most interesting streets we walked along.  Lots of great shops.  A water feature (which Daryl preferred to call a river) ran down the middle.  

* * *

We arrived in Neuchâtel late in the afternoon.  Like many other views in Switzerland, the view of the lake and surrounding mountains was no disappointment.

... there were even people in swimming!

"I want some!"

But sadly, I couldn't have any.  The chocolate-coated orange was more than $100 per kilo!  OMG.

We wanted to walk to the top of the town to get the best view over the lake.  Here is where our long climb upwards started ...

 ... and continued ...

 ... and continued!  My legs were screaming for a break.

This is where we were heading ... the old church and castle at the top.

And this is a little bit of the view captured by the camera.  The real thing was spectacular.  

In the next posting, we'll see you back in France.

Hoo-roo!   Au revoir!  A bientôt.

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